Being the 10th anniversary of the flood there is a lot being said about Boscastle today. Im lucky enough to live in Boscastle so thought I would share some images of what I think makes it great.

No means a definitive list!


Always up for something a bit different

Its not every day I get asked to take photos for a dental prosthetics company... 

Turns out it was actually a really fun shoot. Dom has utilised his background in engineering and created a really interesting space to work. The pride taken in what they are creating was also great to witness especially when you hear what a difference their products make to people's lives.

Hunters Moon Morris

So off I went to Boscastle Harbour to grab a coffee while the kids throw stones....

Then i stumble on theses guys busting a few moves outside the Museum Of Witchcraft!

Hunters Moon Morris 

Museum of Witchcraft

North Cornwall NT 


My Instagrams gone all a bit monochrome

Ive started sharing a lot more black and white images on instagram recently. Partly because Ive always been a fan of high contrast b&w images and partly because I wanted you all to know how cool and artistic I am ;-) 

Dont worry there will still be pictures from food shoots and my animals caught looking silly.

Why not have a look and maybe a follow: @lammaOnline

My friends in Bushy Park

If I get a bit of free time when based London I always try and grab a minute in Bushy Park. You can go for a nice walk (Ive even see people jog) grab a drinkable coffee by the car park and sit down with some ducks (geese, seagulls) by the pond. Whats not to like.


Thought I would share this little outtake from some marketing pictures we (me + @ei8htdesign as artistic director) were taking for @BudeForFood upcoming food festival.

To set the scene Avril had been trying to balance macarons for about 4hrs and had finally got them looking good. The following photo was taken as a result of an involuntary shutter hand convulsion due to a scream of horror as they toppled.

- please note most facts have been slightly exaggerated :-)