Drinking on the job.

One of the benefits of working a lot with food and drink is that you get to try lots of delicious products. Recently I've been doing some work for Padstow Brewing Company which has involved opening lots of bottles of beer (#win). It is lucky that I am very professional in everything I do (stop sniggering) otherwise I may have been tempted to have a sip or two.

As part of the job for Padstow Brewery I also got to spend the day going through the whole brewing process. When I initially found out what time in the morning they start I had second thoughts. I did however persevere and ended up having a great day which has left me with a lot of respect for the brewing process (and some funny pictures of them cleaning).

Luckily my photography gets better the more I drink (well I think so) @padstowbrewing

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The Old Ale House menu - brought to you by River Cottage

Around the end of February I got invited to taste the new menu that River Cottage had put together for the Old Ale House. Going along with my usual in depth and lengthy reviews  I will just mention it was really good, share some pictures and pop some more wordified links underneath x

ps get a pint of Skinners River Cottage EPA

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