The Old Ale House menu - brought to you by River Cottage

Around the end of February I got invited to taste the new menu that River Cottage had put together for the Old Ale House. Going along with my usual in depth and lengthy reviews  I will just mention it was really good, share some pictures and pop some more wordified links underneath x

ps get a pint of Skinners River Cottage EPA

A Cornish Mum - Review 

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Thought I would share this little outtake from some marketing pictures we (me + @ei8htdesign as artistic director) were taking for @BudeForFood upcoming food festival.

To set the scene Avril had been trying to balance macarons for about 4hrs and had finally got them looking good. The following photo was taken as a result of an involuntary shutter hand convulsion due to a scream of horror as they toppled.

- please note most facts have been slightly exaggerated :-)