Carlyon Beach

A few photos from a recent event at Carlyon Beach. Shoots that mean I get to hang out on a beach and get fed are always going to be good. Especially when the food comes from Ostraca (who I also got an amazing bottle of Oyster Stout from), Proper Pancakes (who made me one handed pancakes so I could keep shooting and Sam’s (it was a box of flamed joy).  Clio's Van du Vin which is new to the scene was also parked up and definitely one to keep an eye on (alas I was driving).

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Porthleven Food Festival

I've put together some photos from the collection I did for the Porthleven Food Festival a few weeks ago. A great event with lots of music and food, which is two of my top five favourite things. My partner in crime for the day was Sal from Design Room Cornwall and you might be able to spot one of our photos that was taken at the same time but different angles.

Chef stalking...

I've been sharing Boscastle Festival photos as I go on their twitter and facebook and will create a gallery on here somewhere for your perusal soon but just wanted to share a few of the photos I took while stalking these chefs.

I wasn't actually stalking them, I was waiting for them. Just thought stalking sounded more interesting as a headline.

Check out their restaurants here:

No.6 Padstow


Driftwood Hotel