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I know you all think I probably don't have time to blog because I spend all my time increasing my catalogue of gifs and funny cat photos, well that is only partially true because I'm doing this one.

Since February I have been taking photos of some amazing chefs:

Nathan Outlaw and Chris Simpson. The dish Chris prepared in this photo actually blew my mind (obviously I ate it!). The sauce has made me contemplate a daring raid into the kitchen with a ladle and some sort of vessel I can easily run away with.


Andy Appleton. I've got lots of photos of Andy doing festival demos and from his days at Fifteen. It was great to get some pictures of his new venture, Appletons at the Vineyard. Which was recently set up with the equally (possibly more) awesome Lyndsey, who I got to spend time with while shooting for the Cornwall Food Foundation. 


I got to shoot at some great (and varied) holiday destinations:

Bosinver. I spent a few days at Bosinver with Pat (AKA action nan), her family and Jess (very talented interior stylist). Great bunch to work with in a stunning setting. They work hard, play hard and made sure there was plenty of lunch!


Safari Cornwall. Although it looked like I was just sitting around drinking cider (which I was doing admittedly) I was also being a highly professional photographer. Not sure I should have stripped off and jumped in the hot tub though...


Coffee: I'm doing a lot with coffee at the moment (but that's another post for another time). Here however, is a photo from one of Hugo's coffee courses. Obviously I'm a big part of these courses as without me people might have to go and get their own mugs or make their own bad jokes.


I have also been doing lots of portraits. Some serious and some less so. 

Thanks for taking the time to get all the way to the bottom. This one seemed to ramble on a bit more than usual.

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Bring your child to work day

I recently spent a couple days shooting at Charlie's. It was agreed that because of time restraints (and because we are friends) that I would have my little one with me. Unfortunately for me, when I turned up on the second day, even Charlie's regulars who had met the little one looked at me with disappointment when it became apparent I'd come alone. 

Some pictures of my helper.  

Padstow Christmas Festival 2015

I always enjoy going to Padstow Christmas Festival. With demos from some of my favourite chefs,  great street food (we all know I've got a soft spot for a Wild Bake pizza), stalls with amazing produce (Da Bara Bakery, Cornish Ketchup representing the bearded posse) and not forgetting just hanging out with a glass of Chateau Civrac wine (or a cheeky flat white) at BinTwo.

Photos: Gizzi Erskine, Sophie Michell, Rick Stein, Daphne Skinnard, Nick Hemming, Ed Hughes

Great festival and a great book

Taking the photographs of the Great Cornish Food Festival was always going to be a highlight for me. I'm a big fan of food festivals. Being surrounded by delicious food and drink (sneaking the odd taster) is a great way to spend the weekend.

You can have a look at the gallery on the Great Cornish Food Festival website.

It was also the release of the Great Cornish Fish Book which my friends at Design Room and Cornwall Food and Drink have put together. Now I wouldn't say that the inclusion of a couple of my photos is the only reason you should buy the book but could be one of them ;-) 


Carlyon Beach

A few photos from a recent event at Carlyon Beach. Shoots that mean I get to hang out on a beach and get fed are always going to be good. Especially when the food comes from Ostraca (who I also got an amazing bottle of Oyster Stout from), Proper Pancakes (who made me one handed pancakes so I could keep shooting and Sam’s (it was a box of flamed joy).  Clio's Van du Vin which is new to the scene was also parked up and definitely one to keep an eye on (alas I was driving).

useful links:

Carlyon Beach on Facebook and Twitter.

For more (and better) words on the subject BarefootCornwall

Me: Instagram Facebook Twitter

Porthleven Food Festival

I've put together some photos from the collection I did for the Porthleven Food Festival a few weeks ago. A great event with lots of music and food, which is two of my top five favourite things. My partner in crime for the day was Sal from Design Room Cornwall and you might be able to spot one of our photos that was taken at the same time but different angles.

Drinking on the job.

One of the benefits of working a lot with food and drink is that you get to try lots of delicious products. Recently I've been doing some work for Padstow Brewing Company which has involved opening lots of bottles of beer (#win). It is lucky that I am very professional in everything I do (stop sniggering) otherwise I may have been tempted to have a sip or two.

As part of the job for Padstow Brewery I also got to spend the day going through the whole brewing process. When I initially found out what time in the morning they start I had second thoughts. I did however persevere and ended up having a great day which has left me with a lot of respect for the brewing process (and some funny pictures of them cleaning).

Luckily my photography gets better the more I drink (well I think so) @padstowbrewing

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The Old Ale House menu - brought to you by River Cottage

Around the end of February I got invited to taste the new menu that River Cottage had put together for the Old Ale House. Going along with my usual in depth and lengthy reviews  I will just mention it was really good, share some pictures and pop some more wordified links underneath x

ps get a pint of Skinners River Cottage EPA

A Cornish Mum - Review 

River Cottage - News


Who wants to enter an amazing competition?

If you were asked “who you would most like to have your picture taken with”, you would probably answer The Great Rustini. Unfortunately I can’t go around just taking pictures of everyone who asks, my camera would run out of clicks. So instead I shall be offering one lucky person* who signs up to my mailing list a chance to have their picture taken with Rustini. 

This is a serious competition (kinda).


*Winner shall be chosen randomly by Rustini. Standard T&Cs apply. Subject to availability. There is no cash equivalent because the prize is priceless.


Natural History Museum

Just a few pictures from my visit to the Natural History MuseumSuch an amazing place it is unbelievable that you can walk in for free. Although if you walk around and don't feel inspired to make a donation on the way out I would be very surprised. 

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Padstow Christmas Festival

A few highlights I captured from Padstow Christmas Festival.

Chef stalking...

I've been sharing Boscastle Festival photos as I go on their twitter and facebook and will create a gallery on here somewhere for your perusal soon but just wanted to share a few of the photos I took while stalking these chefs.

I wasn't actually stalking them, I was waiting for them. Just thought stalking sounded more interesting as a headline.

Check out their restaurants here:

No.6 Padstow


Driftwood Hotel